Rev. Leonardo B. Perez

With almost 14 years in existence, TWR Philippines has become competent in programming. We boast in this in Christ who has been gracious in leading and sustaining us in our ministry of speaking His hope to the world. And now, the Lord is calling us to step up in faith and take a leap to new frontiers.
As we continue to grow in our aptitude in programming and counseling, the reach of the Word of God widens, and this is evidenced by the increasing statistics in listenership and listener responses, as well as in the number of visits to listeners. With this growth emerges a number of donors who are locally based.
In the past and up to now, the ministries of TWR has been nourished materially by Christian organizations and individuals who shared their resources so that more people could hear about Jesus and the hope He offers them. Most of them, however, are based in other countries. The few donors who are from this country could be counted on the fingers. However, only recently, a listener asked how she could make a donation to TWR Philippines and promptly deposited an amount as soon as she learned how.
It might have been a trifling for her, or it could have been all that she had. But its impact on us is so great that we are prompted to include in our proficiency the area of developing our resources so we can continue to nurture the ministry God has put on our shoulders.
Thus, this year, we are pressing on to new frontiers of strengthening local sponsorships. And we invite you to join us. Pray with us; give what the Lord has put in your heart to give; share your time by volunteering. And, surely, the Lord Jesus Christ who began this good work will carry it on to completion.

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