In the early 20’s radio programs were the leading international popular entertainment. And who could ever say that today, with the fast growing mass media technology, there is still room for a radio broadcast? Are there still ears that are ready and willing to listen to a radio program despite competitions from colorful dramas on television, huge information on the Internet, and fast communication offered by the new gadgets that we have?
The answer is a big YES! All of the thousands of text messages that TWR Philippines receives every month is enough proof that shows the effectiveness of radio broadcast. Someone might think that it is because of the wide coverage that we have in the Philippines. Or, others may say that it’s because of all the networks and partners that we have in the country. Still, some others might say it’s because of the promotions and marketing strategies that we employ.
But I would have to say that it is because of all the quality programs that we are producing every month, and because we have good producers and talented staffs that have given their passion and commitments to come up with good programs. Aside from this, we have counselors who are always available to listen, to answer each call and reply to the messages that the listeners are sending us. If we consider all of these reasons, these will make us proud and uplift our company.
But, what is the real reason behind a wide listenership? I remember a story that caught my attention when I once attended a gathering. It pointed out that whatever the color of a balloon is, or how beautiful it may appear to our eyes, it is not what makes it visually appealing, but rather, it is what is inside the balloon that makes it soar up high and fly in the sky.
Thus, it is not the packaging or the promotions of the programs, nor is it the skills of the staff, but it is the big heart behind TWR programs that makes us soar and reach lives in the airwaves. These are the main reasons why many transformed lives are reported each month. This is the heart of the GOSPEL; we air the message of HIS love and the message of transformation. This is the big heart behind each TWR program. And it is God who sustains this heart and that is why we are still here serving and broadcasting His undying love to our Country.

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