The ministry is all about meeting needs of people. One of the ministries of TWR Philippines, aside from airing programs that meet the needs of people who are hungry for the Word of God, is the counseling of listeners who are in need of guidance in various aspects of their personal lives.
Inevitably, however, listeners would come to us with needs that are material in nature. Sadly, we cannot meet needs where money is the primary necessity. In such cases, we can only pray for the persons in need and constantly reach out to them through encouraging messages. Nonetheless, we praise God our Provider for He enables us to minister to listeners whose needs are for something material, but not of a monetary nature. Some listeners would love to have their own Bibles, and through the gifts of certain groups and individuals, we can send such listeners a copy of a Bible in their preferred language.
Some listeners would love to keep listening to our programs, but their radios got broken. However, because of internationally based supporters, these listeners receive a new radio or CDs containing recorded programs that they’d love to listen to. Various assistances from several groups also allow TWR Philippines to send prayer calendars and other reading materials to regular listeners.
God is a great provider, and what is even greater is that he empowers you and me to be His instruments in meeting others’ needs. May we continue to be sensitive to His leading and follow Him where He enables us to minister.

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