What a Fruitful Trip

Date: March 16, Monday / Destination: Candelaria, Quezon Distance: 355 kms

It was a long trip but seeing that our first stop at Candelaria Quezon, unexplainable joy filled our hearts. That joy became more extensive when Ms. Nenita invited her church mates to join her in welcoming us. We gave Ms. Nenita a brand new radio because of her desire to listen to our programs. We also gave the church a brand new radio after hearing from the members that they, too, want to listen to our programs.

We then moved on to Lucena, Quezon to meet Estela. An avid listener of InTouch Ministry, Ms. Estela was very eager to meet us and share her testimony, which she did through tears. When she started listening to ITM, her life was changed by God. Though trials and tough circumstances came her way, she stood her ground and let God move in her life. Through the encouragements she receives from ITM, she continues to cling to God’s promises in her life.

Date: March 17, Tuesday / Destination: Camarines Sur Distance: 250kms

Our first stop here was at a university to meet a student who listens to InTouch Ministry. Jose is shy but his inhibition gave way to his earnestness to ask questions about God. We encouraged him to prayerfully keep seeking for answers to his queries and doubts, as this will lead him to the truth about God. He was grateful not just for the opportunity to discuss issues about the Bible with us, but also for the tokens we brought along to give him.

Mr. Harvey Palamianos listens to almost all TWR programs with his entire family. But it hasn’t always been so. By persistently inviting each member to listen with him, listening to TWR’s programs eventually became their family time. Though their abode in Zone 4, San Roque, CamSur could barely contain all of us when we visited them, their hearts were more full to bursting by our presence in their house and our present of a new radio for them.

From there, we went on to meet Junella, the youngest listener we met throughout the ministry travel. Although the contents of Women of Hope are generally designed for older audiences, this teenager, nonetheless, listens to the program avidly. How’s that for a wow?

After that, we got lost looking for Maricar’s school because we confused it with another campus with a similar name. Eventually, we found Maricar at a mall, where her school was actually located. Maricar began listening to InTouch Ministry after hearing our Easter Special programs. Since then, she constantly sent us messages and when she heard that we were going to Bicol, she immediately signified an interest to meet up with us. So, there we were in a mall, and Maricar felt like a star with the video and cameras focused on her.

Date: March 18, Wednesday/ Destination: Albay Distance: 84 kms

On the way to Legazpi, we dropped by Daraga, Albay to meet Anabel who sells street food in the late afternoon and into the night. While preparing the foodstuff in the daytime, she listens to Women of Hope and, like Jinky of Sorsogon (see story on page 18) she puts her radio batteries out in the sun to recharge them. Though shy at first to let us in her house, once she felt that we were there to see her and not her house, she lost all inhibitions and prepared sandwiches for us in celebration of her husband’s birthday.

Waiting for us in Legazpi was 23-year old Ariel, an IT student who loves to listen to Mumunting Kutitap. In fact, loves the character Toknoy and claims that this funny puppet character inspires him to continue his studies.

Afterwards, we met up with four listeners of Women of Hope and our morning was filled with these women’s testimonies about God’s good ness to them. One of them joined us on our way to Manito, Albay to visit Mr. Caesar Logronio.

Caesar Logronio is the only child of his parents and the sole breadwinner of their small family. He has stopped listening to our programs when his radio broke down, so we surprised him with a brand new radio. Elated, he promises to keep listening to TWR’s programs as these motivate him to fight through life’s trials with God’s strength.

Date: March 18, Wednesday / Destination: Sorsogon Distance: 60 kms

At the Sorsogon City Park, we met Kuya Jarom. After being dealt with a sharp blow by a stroke, he became depressed and debilitated. But now, he testified that it was God’s way of slowing him down so he can take time to listen to God’s word through the programs of TWR Philippines. Touched by these programs, Jarom attested that these were vital to the change in his outlook in life, that through these, he was led to God and now he lives a renewed life in Christ.

A bit later, Tan, a listener of Thru the Bible came and introduced us to his pastor. It lifted our spirits that our listeners do not keep the good news they hear from our programs to themselves. Instead, they readily share it with the people around them.

At Pilar, Sorsogon, we were expecting to meet with one woman but were welcomed instead by a swarm of her friends and neighbors. Melinda VIllaraza, an avid listener of Women of Hope, invited them so we could all fellowship with one another. This group regularly meets for a Bible study led by Melinda’s father. How amazed we were to meet a community who share a common passion for God’s Word and sustain in by regular study of the Word and listening to our program!

Date: March 19, Thursday/ Destination: Baguio City Distance: 650 kms

On the way home, we stopped at a road-side waiting shed to meet up with Lee who enjoys listening to Absolutely 24/7. He was really happy to receive gifts from his favorite radio program, but he was even happier to tell us how much he loves the program. For him, it has just the right balance of insightful topics and humorous presentation.

Total days of travel: 5. Total distance travelled: approximately 1200 kilometers. Total number of visits/ meet-ups: 14. Number of people met: 50. Total gain: countless, infinite, eternal.

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