Leonida Fernandez, a regular listener of Ilaw ng Pag-asa, started to attend church worship last year. She requested for used clothes to use in going to church because she has no clothes for church. In her text message she said, “I go to church every Sunday now but my clothes are not pretty enough for Sunday worship. Please send me clothes for going to church in. I wouldn’t mind if they’re old or torn. I’d gladly mend them.”
Last February 2015, TWR Philippines sent her a package of clothes. In her text message she was happy and thankful because she has already received the package. “Hello. I received the clothes that you sent me, and all are beautiful. I started using them and I feel like I am beautiful in worshiping God. Thank you very, very much TWR Philippines Ilaw ng Pag-asa (Women of Hope). God bless you!”

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